Reflections of Horror

by Exorcised



released May 27, 2012



all rights reserved


Exorcised Ratkovo, Serbia

Death Metal with Doom and Thrash metal influences, based on late 80s/early 90s underground scene.

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Track Name: Oppressed by Unreal
Possessed, exhausted
You run through woods
Dead of the night
Blood drips from your wounds

Chased by evil spirits
You're left to die
Your ribs are broken
You can't even cry

Paralyzed by fear
Oppressed by unreal

Feed the mental tyrant, you drown in insanity
Horrified, necrophobic, screaming in agony
Only way ot of here is to confirm your mortality
Twisted is your desteny, away from reality

Possessed, obsessed , your mind rots
And now you're slave of satanic force
None will ever know what's inside
You cannot be EXORCISED

All horrors appear
In one picture
All the things you fear...
Oh, you aren't able to breathe

The chase is finished
Now you eyes are pale
Your body is decayed
And your soul can't be saved
Track Name: Pestilent Curse
Lord of plague, pestilent raids
Crawl from the pits of Hades
Putrid disease, morbid infection
Consumed by putrefaction

Rot under crimson skies
Worms enter your body
Pestilence rules your mind
And you are still alive

Horror, terror, plague spreads
People, around you, die in pain
Still praying, but God won't help
Only mock to the pain you felt

Reality has stabbed knife in our back
From beyond, the morbid demons attack

Life fades before your eyes
Every hope now dies
At last, take your last breath
As you meet your death

Horror, terror, stench spreads
People, around you, all dead
Swallowed in deathlike silence
The curse of Pestilence
Track Name: Reflections of Horror
Beyond realms of reality
Land of darkness and death
Spheres obscure to man
To us known as Hell
Twisted passages of evil
Cursed by the black spell
Voices are telling you to kill
In madness you will dwell

Arise from the sea of blood
Child of a rusty knife
Trapped in a crystal ball
Reflections of Horror

Sky has turned red
Leviathan, keeper of hell
Portal is opened wide
Blessed by evil dead
Prisoners of Necronomicon
Now unleashed in sin
Led by tormentor
They are ready to kill
Track Name: Unholy Awakening
Fog spreads over the cemetery
Full moon is bright as day
The undead rise from their crypts
They search for human prey

Morbid way to die
Eaten by zombie horde
Putrid stench of death
Blood, they crave for more

Hunger cannot be satisfied
Horror lives, people scream
It's time for you to die
Zombies will tear you apart

Unholy Awakening

Perverted lust for pure blood
The dead eat your remains
But now you rise and join
You soon become one of them

Now you search for human prey
Devour your own kind
Disembodied master calls
You leave nothing but bones